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MORC 3D Simulation
  • 3D process of an industrial robot
  • Review and optimization of Safemove / Safe Operation
  • Visualization of positions
    Available for:
  • ABB® S4, IRC5
  • KUKA® ab KRC2

Description of the application

The following features are included in this application:

  • For industrial robots KUKA® from KRC-2 and ABB® from S4 upwards
  • Check availability of positions
  • Determination of the maximum and minimum axis angles of the respective routines and all selected routines
  • Determination of the axis values for each position
  • Verification of ABB® Safemove Zones for Version 1.1.0 and 1.00.01 (Safemove1 and Safemove2) or Safe Operation for KUKA® KRC.
  • Tool zones can be checked with loaded CAD files (.jt)
  • Comparison of two Safemove configurations (ABB® only)
  • View of the positions, component Objects can be loaded via CAD files (.jt).
  • Movement instructions for ABB® can be implemented later Additional robot models can be created via a dialog
3D view

In the 3D view the program of the robot is expired and the current position and axis angle are output.

Program selection and routines list

The modules and routines are in a directory structure displayed.
Several routines can be selected or traversed.
Processes can be saved and loaded.
The movements between the routines can be connected or be run separately.
Stop disabling points and deactivating routines is via a context menu available.


ABB® Safemove versions V1.1.0 and V1.00.01 can be downloaded from the backup.
All security configurations (KUKA® and ABB®) can be saved and subsequently loaded as well as exported.
The tools and zones can be enabled or disabled.

Check Tool zones with CAD file

To check the tool zones, a CAD file can be loaded in .jt format.

Security check

It can be set whether the robot is stopped when a zone is violated.
This is followed by a dialog in which the data such as routine, line, zone and tool are output.

Safe diagnosis

The distances between the areas of the zones and their vertices are calculated.

If a zone has been injured, it will be marked in colour.

Security Report

If a zone is violated, the data such as routine line, tool and zone are output in the report.

Security Cloud

The security cloud can also be used to check whether a tool zone has moved into a security area.

Safemove configuration compare ABB®

Two safety configurations can be compared.
These are graphically displayed in a 3D view.
A documentation can be created in HTML file

World zones ABB®

For ABB® industrial robots, the world zones can be visualized. These can be created, edited, saved, loaded and exported via a dialog.

By fading in the path, it can be checked whether the robot enters the world zones.

Visualize positions on the component

Components can be loaded as CAD files (.jt). The positions can be displayed individually.


Every movement is checked for accessibility.
The axis ranges are taken from the current configuration of the loaded backups used.

Minimum / maximum axis angle

The minimum and maximum axis values for the axes are output separately for each routine, as well as for the entire process.

Axis values of the positions

The axis values are recorded for each position.

Robot models

The robot models can be edited or recreated.

From the documentation of the robot manufacturer, the necessary data can be read out and entered into the software.

Movement instructions

By entering additional movement instructions, self-created movements can also be checked.

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