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For measuring robots, based on the origin coordinate system of the components, laser trackers are used in the industry. These provide a vector at each measuring point of the robot, which represents itself from the laser tracker to the assembled mirror.
Through our development, the mirror position can be chosen freely. The position of the mirror is determined by our calculation and, based on this position, the coordinate system of the robot can be determined, based on the original coordinate system of the components.

Only 3 positions (robot and laser tracker) are necessary for the calculation.

The following coordinate system can be calculated:
  • Laser Tracker is calibrated at the origin of the coordinate system of the components.
  • References of the measuring points from the stations can be entered manually.
  • External tools, such as Welding tongs, glue nozzles etc.
Euler Angle Format

This application can calculate the following Euler angles:

  • Quatanions are used by e.g. ABB®.
  • ZYX is used by e.g.KUKA®.
  • XYZ Inv is used by e.g. Fanuc®.
  • ZYZ is used by e.g. Comau®.


The coordinates of the laser track and robot are loaded into the software via * .csv files.
After these have been loaded, the position of the mirror on the tool of the robot is determined in the first step. For each measuring point a maximum and average error is output.
Each measuring point can be excluded from the calculation if necessary.
The calculated position with mean and maximum error is displayed in a separate window.

After the position has been calculated, the origin coordinate system is calculated.
Also in this calculation, the maximum error is output.

Output of the calculations

3D View

The measuring points can be viewed in the 3D view.
The mouse functions can be rotated, moved and zoomed.

It can be zoomed to any measuring point, or it can be any measurement point removed from the view.


Each calculation can be exported as a * .csv file.
All relevant data is exported and can then be converted to the correct format.

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