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Robot programming

We create cycle time optimized robot programs for all common robot types. Whether in the automotive industry or in medium-sized companies.

We are also happy to prepare a cycle time analysis of your finished production line.
Thanks to our highly trained staff, they can cover every area from pure point programming to interface development.

Our specially developed tools make it possible to quickly recalculate programs or to correct these programs in case of incorrect programming.

MORC 3D Simulation

3D simulation to create, verify and optimize Safemove / Safe Operation security configurations.

After loading a backup and the security configuration, the distances to the zones are determined. This allows the security configurations to be checked. The distances to the individual zones are determined at runtime, which makes it possible to optimize the configuration and ensure greater safety.

The safety configuration can be saved in a CAD file (JT) and visualized in a CAD program.

To create the tool zones check CAD files can be loaded in JT format.

Furthermore, the software contains further functions for visualization or testing of robot programs.

    Included industrial robots:

  • ABB® from S4.
  • KUKA® from KRC-2.

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Application for determining differences in the shape or position of components.

This software is used to remove components from a rack or place them in a rack. The components are not pushed over rough guiding in a position and thus not damaged.

To determine the differences, we use several light-section sensors. These are light-insensitive and have a good price-performance ratio.

In addition to the detection of components, this application has a scan function.
With this component can be scanned and e.g. be visualized in a CAD program.
The software calculates the length and width of the objects and recognizes any features.


For measuring robots, based on the origin coordinate system of the components, laser trackers are used in the industry.

For measuring robots, based on the origin coordinate system of the components, laser trackers are used in the industry.

Through our development, the mirror position can be chosen freely. The position of the mirror is determined by our calculation and, based on this position, the coordinate system of the robot can be determined, based on the original coordinate system of the components.

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